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Augusta Newsletter, 10/2/17

1.  Technology Issues

For the first time this year, pastors are required to enter your compensation online.  I have attached the directions

Many pastors have logged for years using the church number, but a few have NEVER logged in using their personal account which is attached to your **** email.  To do your compensation form, you MUST log in to your personal account, not the church account.  If you have problems, or have forgotten your login info/password, email to contact the Conference IT team. They usually respond the same day and issues are resolved quickly.

2.  Full-Time Evaluations 

All full-time appointed elders, deacons, and full time local pastors should have already sent me your paperwork from your PPR evaluations.  I have set up three locations and times for us to review these evaluations.  Call Tina to schedule a thirty minute block of time at one of these locations.  

Oct. 23, Marvin UMC, 9am to 4pm

Oct. 26, Greensboro First UMC (north campus), 9am to 4pm

Nov. 2, Thomson First UMC, 9am to 4pm 

If these slots/times are not sufficient, we will schedule times for you to come to my office. 

3.  Aldersgate Special Offering, Oct. 22 

I have attached a letter from Bishop Sue regarding this offering.  

4.  From the DS 

Starting Thursday, I will be out of town for ten days (spanning two weekends!)  Carol and I have the opportunity to visit Navy “Fleet Week” in San Diego, CA.  We will see our daughter Robin and get a tour on her ship, the USS Anchorage.  If you need DS assistance during that time, another DS is “on call” for critical issues – call Tina for this info.  I should be accessing my email at least once a day.  Finally, I will have my cell phone with me and if you have a pressing, personal, Holy-Spirit driven reason to call me, you may – keeping in mind there is a three hour time difference! 

5.  An Obit for a one-time Methodist 

Hugh Hefner passed away this week at age 91.  His mother, a devout Methodist, prayed that he would be a missionary.  He was, in a way – for the other side.  Ross Douthat’s article should make us all pause and pray. 

Yours for the Kingdom, 

Terry Fleming

Augusta District Superintendent

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"Mockers can get a whole town agitated, but the wise will calm anger."  Prov. 29:8



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