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Augusta District Newsletter, 4-25-17

1.  Constitutional Amendments

Please read the attachments to see the proposed amendments, the rationale for each, and who is able to vote on these at Annual Conference.

Proposed Amendments

Rationale for Proposed Amendments

Who is able to vote at Annual Conference

2017 North Georgia Native American Gathering 

2.  Register for Annual Conference – the links are live now at

This year’s retirees – if you wish to take part in the passing of the mantle liturgy, there should be a link soon for you to register for that as well.

3.  General Conference dates and location set; see the attachment from Bishop Ough. 

There is a feeling that the Judicial Council will “kick the can down the road” this week, issuing a ruling that is simply procedural, because of the fear of schism.  This may be why the bishops want to focus our attention on the main event – the Commission on the Way Forward and their proposals to General Conference in 2019.  But I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, so what do I know?  Pray for the Judicial Council and for our church.

4.  Mark your calendars for pre-conference briefing on May 21st (3:00pm) at Macedonia UMC.

5.  The UM Children’s Home is NOT closing!

Read here about the sale of the Decatur property:

This sale will free up funds so that the UMCH can focus their services on the eighty folks now living on the campus:  “UMCH currently houses approximately 80 individuals on campus who are a part of the Family Housing and Independent Living programs. UMCH is committed to providing uninterrupted services and continued support to its residents and will work with them on relocations based on individual needs. In general, current and future residents will move from group home cottages on the campus to more modern, safe and appropriate housing primarily in DeKalb and Fulton counties.”

These funds will also expand our ministries in training and equipping foster families across our state, including in our district!

6.  From Danielle Meyer, Action Ministries: 

Many of us have read Toxic Charity or When Helping Hurts.  The biggest take away for me, is how we serve with dignity and respect and not enable those we are trying to help.  I am so proud to tell you about a program at Maxwell House Apartments that embodies these qualities. 

The Pathways Store is open every other week and is operated by the Mo Downtown Ministry.  Residents can purchase items such as paper towels, body soap, light bulbs among others with a donation.  That money is collected and placed in a transportation fund.  We then partner with Masters Transportation Ministry to provide free trips to Kroger, Wal-Mart and other scheduled appointments for residents throughout the month that aren’t easily served by Augusta Public Transit.  It is a beautiful process to watch!

The Pathways Store relies heavily on donations from community partners to make this model work.  And we need your help!  Could your congregation or group hold a donation drive for this amazing program?  Click on this Sign Up Genius Link for a wish list of current items.  Choose one item from the list that your group would like to focus on.    Let me know when you are ready for the items to be picked up and we will be happy to come get them.     Contact me at 706-699-0801 or

7.  Apportionments payments as of 4-24-17 – we are at 6th place among the districts (who but DS’s look at the rankings for that?): 26.02% for the year.

8.  From the DS:

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of the fire.”  - Gustav Mahler

“Faith is dead, reason is dying, but ‘how I feel’ is going strong.”  - Stephen Carter, a professor of law at Yale University

“Hostility to the cross is the leading characteristic of the world.” - Ernst Kasemann

"The Christian must be consumed by the conviction of the infinite beauty of holiness and the infinite damnability of sin." - Thomas Carlyle

“The first two words of sound Christian theology are ‘God can.’” - F. Dale Bruner

 "You teach what you know; you reproduce what you are.”  - Zig Zigler

Yours for the Kingdom,


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